Monday, 24 April 2017

Semester 2 : Week 9

This week we were told to go to the hive with a strange cutout shape. These shapes unfolded into a variety of different cut outs. We were then instructed to draw on each of the cut outs, be it on one or on several and told to create an image. Overall this was a strange task but I did enjoy the experimentation.

Semester 2 : Week 8

For our task this week we walked along the river and began looking at the views along the banks. For the most part I chose to work in pen as I felt with all the twigs and plants in all the views that lines would be the best option to go with. One positive of this was it did create some unique compositions and tones. One downside though is that some of the images fell a bit flat when tone was line and twigs were lines and generally speaking it became and entanglement of lines. Although another positive is that it is all a big learning curve!

Semester 2 : Week 7

For this lecture we looked at drawing for again and to try get a whole form. I felt that comparing this work to how my work from when I started the year was a good way to look at it and I found that I have actually improved. As well as that I am quite happy with how my views on tone and lighting have worked out. One thing I think I would liked to have done is another extra drawing which I was allowed to spend a longer period of time on. maybe an hour or so? That is always something I am able to work on in future in my own time.

Semester 2 : Week 6 (And Homework)

For the movement images I found myself struggling. Normally I wouldn't particularly struggle with creating an initial image. However this time I found myself confused about when to try capture an image and also about remembering what the actual form looked like. With more practice I actually learnt how to create a quick sketch which is seen more in my homework that I produced. Overall this is definitely something I disliked but I still need to improve my skills with this method.

Semester 2 : Week 5 (Homework)

Due to a sickness I was unable to attend the actual lecture for this week. However I still looked through all the work and decided I'd give it a go in the form of the homework. Overall I feel this was actually quite successful and enjoyed using the pen to create the images. The only downside is that I have less images and so practice for this part, However I do have experience with perspective drawing which I feel relates to these sort of images alot.

Semester 2 : Week 4 Homework

For this homework I decided to invert the colour ideas and draw instead of the normal 'cut out and stick down' of basic shapes. The only downside for this is the outcome wasn't quite what I expected. I was hoping for more of a bold composition however instead it seems to fall a bit flat. For future though I think this could be adjusted with more lines being added via pen for extra bits of tone.

Semester 2 : Week 4

This weeks project was different. Personally I found it interesting to look at all the different objects to draw. On top of this the fact that you had so much to draw meant that you had to work quick in capturing basic shapes. On top of that the cutting out shapes and creating images based on this also meant that I got to experiment with new techniques still. One positive outcome was the owl. I found it so impressive that I decided to edit it in Photoshop and in doing so add a bit of colour variety. I feel this works well as it adds a sense of atmosphere to the image and the lighter areas show off the lighting in the area as well.